Gas Plumbers | Emergency Gas Fitter Melbourne

All plumbing projects require a particular kind of specialized knowledge. But none more so than gas plumbing. While most people think of water and sewage when they think of plumbing gas plumbing is no less important an aspect of the trade. More homeowners trust us to be their gas plumber in Melbourne than any other company.

What Does a Gas Plumber Melbourne Do?

The job of the gas plumber is exacting and takes years to master. In a nutshell the term “gas plumbing” describes anything having to do with the installation and maintenance of natural gas lines in the home. Appliances that use gas pipes and gas lines include water heaters, stoves, outdoor grills, outdoor kitchens and gas fireplaces, as well as HVAC systems. A gas plumber may be called upon to work in virtually any of the main rooms of the house, as well as the basement, garage, and yard. In addition, you may require the services of a gas plumber to reroute old gas pipes during a renovation or extend gas pipes to a gas grill on the patio. You may also require our gas plumbing services if you are:

  • Putting an addition on your house.
  • Converting a wood stove to a gas stove.
  • Re modelling the kitchen.
  • Installing a clothes dryer.

Not DIY Work

Some homeowners might think they don’t need a gas plumber  to install a dryer in the laundry room or a gas stove in their new outdoor kitchen. But anyone tempted to give into the DIY impulse should reconsider whenever gas is involved. It doesn’t take much for things to get out of hand and for life changing accidents to occur. Don’t take the chance. Whenever gas pipes are involved make certain you call Ayan Plumbing in order to ensure the job is done right.

When Is The Right Time to Call a Gas Fitter Plumbers?

If you are planning an addition to your home that may require gas lines, or have any of the other above-listed projects on your agenda, you’ll want to call the pros at Ayan Plumbing in Melbourne. If at any time of the day or night you smell a gas leak call us immediately. Our Emergency Gas Fitter in Melbourne will jump into action to track down and solve the problem and ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Appliance Installation Services

In addition to playing an important role in various construction and remodeling projects and responding to emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we can also help you with the installation or moving of gas-related appliances.


For the most part gas fitter plumbers install and maintain black iron pipes through which the gas is delivered to the appliance. These look much like a smaller, narrower version of water pipes but carry natural gas instead of liquid water. Gas plumbers must have a special certification in order to do this work. While those in the upper echelons of the trade are typically master plumbers as well.

The Advantages of Hiring Ayan Gas Plumber in Melbourne

When you enlist the services of Ayan Gas fitter Plumber in Melbourne you can rest assured we will:

  • Respond quickly and effectively.
  • Perform all work to code.
  • Make sure calls are made to the proper utilities.
  • Keep you informed of the work being done.

As we mentioned above any thoughts of handling gas line repair or installation work yourself should be quickly put out of mind. Installing or repairing gas lines is not like installing bathroom tiles. If gas line work is not performed correctly your house and everyone in it can be placed in grave danger.

What to do in the Event of a Gas Leak

The first thing to do if you suspect a gas leak is to call Ayan Gas Plumber. Whatever the time of day or night give us a call and we will dispatch someone to your home immediately. If you suspect a leak don’t delay in calling us. Just a few minutes could make the difference between solving the problem in a safe and effective manner and losing your home to a gas explosion.

After Placing the Call

While you are waiting for us to arrive there are a few checks you can make. First, check the gas stove and oven to see if the gas for either one has been turned on by mistake. If you have a gas grill on the patio check that too. If the smell of gas is strong inside the house open windows and doors to let the gas escape and ventilate the space. This will greatly reduce the threat of an explosion. If you haven’t found the source of the gas and you have opened the windows and doors to vent space go outside and wait for the gas plumber to arrive. For the best gas plumber in Melbourne call Ayan Plumbing. We’re here 24 hours a day to handle emergencies.